Geoff Hunt 'The Thirteen-Gun Salute' limited edition print. This print is cover art from Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin series book.

The Thirteen-gun Salute

The Thirteen-Gun Salute, By Patrick O'Brian, Read by Robert ... 30 Apr 2014 Stream The Thirteen-Gun Salute, By Patrick O'Brian, Read by Robert Hardy by HarperCollins Publishers from desktop or your mobile device.

Treason's Harbour. Aubrey / Maturin (Series). Book 9. Patrick O'Brian Author Simon Vance Narrator (2005). cover image of The Thirteen Gun Salute  the Classic Page-by-Page Version of Perplexed - 'A Guide for ... TGS The Thirteen Gun Salute (1989) NC The Nutmeg of Consolation (1991) C/T Clarissa Oakes (UK title) / The Truelove (USA title) (1992) WDS The Wine Dark  Complete set of Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin novels ... The Reverse of the Medal; The Letter of Marque; The Thirteen-Gun Salute; The Nutmeg of Consolation; Clarissa Oakes; The Wine-Dark Sea; The Commodore 

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22 Nov 2003 The Sunda Islands: The Thirteen Gun Salute. 104 15' E 0 30' N Aubrey and Maturin are charged with delivering an envoy to Pulo Prabang,  "patrick o'brian" | eBook and audiobook search results ...

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