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Crete earthquake – Greek holiday island rocked by 5.3 ... 31 Jul 2019 THE Greek holiday island of Crete was struck by an earthquake this morning. Brit holidaymakers were woken by shaking buildings as the 5.3  Crete - Official Site Book cheap accommodation at the best hotels, villas and rent rooms in Crete! Hotels in Crete · Villas in Crete · Rent rooms in Crete  Crete 2019: Best of Crete Tourism - TripAdvisor The birthplace of both the king of the Olympian gods and of modern European civilization, Crete is a Mediterranean jewel. It’s rich with archaeological and mythological history that’s reflected in its ancient ruins and cultural attractions.

Guide to the best hotels and things to do in Crete. Maps, travel tips and more. CreteTravel Crete - what you need to know. The unspoiled delights and treats of Crete: hotels, villas, traditional small inns, best activities, guides, ferry and flight tickets,  Crete | Latest News from Greece The Ultimate Romantic Marriage Proposal — The Cretan Way (video) · Tasos Kokkinidis Ancient Site on Crete Reveals Story of the Dawn of Greek Civilization. Wanderlust Greece | Crete - YouTube

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Crete (Κρήτη / Kriti, occasionally spelled "Krete" in English) is the largest of the Greek islands and is in the Mediterranean Sea between the Sea of Crete and the  Greek island holiday guide: Crete | Travel | The Guardian 23 Jul 2014 Of all the Greek islands, Crete is one of the most distinctive and beautiful. Our holiday guide features great places to stay (from campsites to  Crete holidays | Travel | The Guardian

“The mystery of Crete runs deep. Whoever sets foot on this island senses a mysterious force coursing warmly and beneficently through their veins, sensing their soul beginning to grow” wrote Nikos Kazantzakis, Crete’s most celebrated author, in Report to Greco. Crete - definition of Crete by The Free Dictionary Crete (krēt) An island of southeast Greece in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Its Minoan civilization, centered at the city of Knossos on the northern coast, was one of the Crete Greece, Crete island travel guide - Crete Greece is the biggest island in Greece and one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean. Boasting one of the most beautiful natural landscapes you’ve ever seen, Crete island offers views and experiences galore! Things to do in Crete | Discover Greece

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