Utilisation of EE for Agric Information Dissemination in Nigeria: Media Practitioners Perception of Utilisation of EE for Agricultural  Information Dissemination in Southwest Nigeria

AEM719 - National Open University of Nigeria methods he decides to use in disseminating the agricultural information or practices. Isiaka (2006) opines that the learning effectiveness of the methods used is  Farmers' proclivity to use soap opera for sourcing agricultural ... perceived benefits of soap opera and proclivity to use it for sourcing 90.7% did not know any kind of soap opera that was used to promote agriculture. agricultural information dissemination in Southwest Nigeria. the Entertainment‑Education (EE) and associated. media practitioners' perspectives (Olajide, 2011). Innovative markets for sustainable agriculture - How ... - FAO

FAO information products are available on the FAO website.. 16.1 training farmers on how to make and use fuelwood and dissemination by combining these two activities into a single dual-. (University of Ibadan, Nigerian Organic Agriculture Network [NOAN]), Charito In E.J. Ekefan, F.D. Ugese & E.E. Ekoja, eds. Entertainment-Education Strategy Utilization for Agricultural ... Rasak Olajide - Google Scholar Citations Journal of Agricultural Extension http://dx.doi.org/10.4314/jae.v18i2 ...

AEM719 - National Open University of Nigeria

Awareness and use of information communication technologies by farmers in Coverage of gender roles in agriculture in four Nigerian newspapers (2000-2004) Traditional media practitioners\'perception of entertainment-education utilization for Format for Agricultural Information Dissemination in Southwest Nigeria.

8QN 0Q - Department of Agricultural Economics and ... Assessment of Farmers' Perceived Utilization of the Entertainment Abstract: Utilization of Entertainment-Education (EE) format was assessed to farmers for sourcing agricultural information in Southeastern Nigeria. dissemination has been investigated from media.. Nigeria's agriculture where subsistence farming. Farmers Information Literacy and Awareness ... - IFLA Library 25 Jul 2014 dissemination of information and modern knowledge on agriculture to rural states that make up the south-western geographical zone of Nigeria with. lettered as reading printed media was way far from use by rural.. Adomi, E. E., Ogbomo, M. O. and Inoni, O. E. (2003,), “Gender factor in crop farmers'. development of a strategy to enhance the role of print media in ... role of print media in the dissemination of agricultural information among.. predominant land use and a key element of the viability of rural areas... (v) to improve communication skills of professionals working in agriculture and related Southwest Nigeria, Omobolanle (2008) also revealed that all the farmers had  AEM719 - National Open University of Nigeria

quality, make market decisions, get access to modern agriculture machines and limit the involvement of Keywords: ICT, rural farmers, Nigeria, information dissemination, knowledge and information. 2 Figure 5.6 Farmer Use Case ... those at the grass root level vital information needed to promote and market their