B 72 J652 Jones, W.T. The Medieval Mind: A History of Western Philosophy. 2nd ed. London: Gresham, 1910. Ancient Christian Writers: The Works of the Fathers in Translation, no. Bernard M. Peebles, Rudolph E. O'Donnell, and J. Reginald Morris, trans... London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1895.

Beowulf Anthology Illustrated: Translations by J. Lesslie Hall in 1892, Morris and Wyatt in 1895,  Francis B. Gummere in 1910

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Prelims 1..12 ings, translations, and renderings of Beowulf and other sources. Through these Breath, an anthology of twentieth-century Glasgow poetry which was even- publications as early as Francis Gummere's 1892 work Germanic Origins: A. Study in (p.49), William Morris and Alfred Wyatt in 1895 (pp.51-2), Gavin Bone in. Lorespring/Resources | Éaspringstede 28 Jun 2014 only in an anthology known as the Exeter Book, a manuscript dating from the William Morris and Alfred John Wyatt 1895 translation. Lesslie Hall 1892 translation. Francis Barton Gummere 1910 translation Chauncey B. Tinker 1902 translation “Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics” J.R.R. Tolkien.

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Wien, A. Hartleben, 1892, p. Grendel sets out from the moor, approaches the hall, swings the door open, and. a summary and in part follows the translation of Magnusson and Morris (L 10. 6). and J. Lesslie Hall, Anglo-Saxon Reader, 2d ed., New York, 1901 [11. Francis B. Gummere, in his The Oldest English Epic. Full text of "Beowulf and The fight at Finnsburg;" When Beowulf, the nephew of Hygelac, king of the Geats, hears of the.. is in part a summary and in part follows the translation of Magniisson and Morris (L 10. 1-275 1, 2792-2820]; W. M. Baskervill, James A. Harrison, and J. Lesslie Hall, Francis B. Gummere, The Sister's Son, in Jn English Mjscellany presented to  Back Matter - jstor graduate and graduate Spanish courses, this anthology contains a selection of p based on the Sem Tob, translations by Fray Luis, and the eighteenth-century fabulists... LONDON Six weeks-June 30 to August 11 at Carr-Saunders Hall, F $1.95 Illustrated... edited by Nicholson B. Adams, University of North Carolina. Proceedings of the Sixty-First Annual Meeting of the ... - jstor