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An amphibious rescue mission - Knowable Magazine 6 days ago On the edge of extinction, rare frogs and toads need more than a little love to reproduce. High-tech help, from IVF to hormone therapy, may  Frogs and Toads | Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Worldwide, frogs and toads are in trouble because of habitat loss, pollution, pesticides, climate change, diseases, the pet trade and competition from invasive  Frogs Call at a Higher Pitch in Traffic Noise - Ecology and Society

Frogs Call at a Higher Pitch in Traffic Noise - Ecology and Society Male frogs call to attract females for mating and to defend territories from rival males. Female frogs of some species prefer lower-pitched calls, which indicate  Earth - This venomous frog has killer spines on its head - BBC Aug 6, 2015 It is one of two frog species discovered to be more venomous than some pit viper snakes.

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Apr 1, 2019 Catch a glimpse of the week's best frog photos, including five new species of miniature frogs, fluorescent pumpkin toadlets, the Helena's  Skin bacteria could save frogs from virus -- ScienceDaily Jun 21, 2019 Bacteria living on the skin of frogs could save them from a deadly virus, new research suggests. Frogs and Toads - AllAboutFrogs.ORG One of the most common questions is, "What is the difference between Frogs and Toads?" Most are surprised to hear that all Toads actually are Frogs! Frog - CGEE: FAQ's

Frogs come in all shapes and sizes and some of them are highly toxic, like poison dart frogs. Learn about frogs and check out pictures of frogs in this article. Frogs Around The World | Earth Rangers Wild Wire Blog

Florida Frogs :: Florida Museum of Natural History Information on frogs and toads found in Florida at the UF's Herpetology Division. Frog Printout- Enchanted Learning Software Frogs are amphibians, animals that spend part of their lives under water and the remainder on land. They have long, powerful jumping legs and a very short  frogs - latest news, breaking stories and comment - The ...