The Raven are a band of mercenaries who are the protagonists of several novels by James Barclay. They are in his two trilogies: Chronicles of The Raven (Dawnthief, Noonshade, Nightchild); Legends of The Raven (Elfsorrow, ShadowHeart, DemonStorm, Ravensoul). Sirendor Larn was one of the original members of the Raven.

Elfsorrow: The Legends of the Raven 1

2 Jan 2003 1: Summerland, Michael Chabon (Miramax Books/Hyperion Books for Elfsorrow: Legends of the Raven, James Barclay (Orion/Gollancz)  Who is the most powerful fantasy character? - SFFWorld

Legends of the Raven. 4 books in this series. Elfsorrow. from: $4.19. #1. Shadowheart. from: $3.99. #2. Demonstorm. from: $4.19. #3. Ravensoul. from: $4.19. #4 

The Raven return in James Barclay's Ravensoul, the fourth volume of the Legends of the Raven. Even the grave can't keep The One thing we know for sure is that they will not subside meekly into the void. For aficionados of The Raven, this 

Sterling offers three British imports: James Barclay's latest heroic fantasy, Elfsorrow: Legends of the Raven, in which the elves must struggle with nothing less 

Another action-packed adventure from the new master of fantasy. The Raven travel to a new continent in search of mages to help the ruined college of Julatsa 

Shadowheart by James Barclay book review One of the underlying threads that have raced through James Barclay's The Raven Elfsorrow Legends of the Raven: Book 1 9.0. The Raven travel to a new  Elfsorrow | James Barclay - fantasy author This is the first 'Legends' book and I was very keen to make sure it was the right that Gollancz had shown in me to sign me up for another three Raven novels. The result is a novel I really like, one that contains a couple of excellent new  The Raven (characters) - Wikipedia