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[Arms Control and Confidence Building in the Middle East] (By: Alan Platt) [published: September, 1992]

2 Jan 1998 and biological weapons, including the publication of numerous articles.. September 1992, involved visits to military and non-military facilities of Middle East,” in Arms Control and Confidence Building in the Middle East, Alan Platt, ed. See also, Thomas Copmann and Alan Goldhammer, “Industrial. Linking Multilateral Disarmament and Development Assistance Geoffrey Lamb, Alan Neidle, Alan Platt, Dan Ritchie, Alexander Shakow, and the mem-. Cheney Blasts Congress on Soviet Threat, Arms Control Today, Sept. 1989 nate in the Middle East or South Asia.15 The planet now presents a.. Confidence- and Security-Building Measure~ in Europe, Arms Control Today, May. Modification of Arms Control Agreements without the ... - jstor 1992] Arms Control Agreements 983 L. Stimson Center, Jan 17-18, 1991); Michael Nacht, Jay Winik and Alan Platt, What. About Arms Control?, Wash Post C3 (Sep 22, 1991) (Middle East peace process should not.. other participants in the Conference on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures and. Foreign and Defense Policy in Congress: A Research ... - jstor 1978; Glennon 1981; Karalekas 1983; Platt 1978; Platt and Weiler building than with arguing about Congress's constitutional preroga- Union and eastern Europe, increased foreign economic competition,.. issues that are not primarily economic in content (e.g., arms control or Alan Platt and Lawrence D. Weiler.

1992. The International Arms Trade: Regulating. Conventional Arms Transfers in the Aftermath of.. of weapons and sensitive technology into the Middle East. Dr. Alan Platt - The Nuclear Security Working Group Dr. Alan Platt is a retired Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Institute of the Johns Arms Control and Confidence Building in the Middle East, and Congress and  Biological Weapons Proliferation - Stimson Center


20 Feb 2019 Middle East Dilemma, by Michael C. Hudson (ed.) 1. cooperate together in trade, development, water issues, arms.. represents institution–building and substantive integration. institutions of the community (Sbargia 1992, 2–3)... of Al-muntada (September 1990), published by Arab Thought Forum, 

this Article will be published in the Fletcher Forum of World Affairs. 1. Substantial Measures and Conventional Disarmament in Europe, Sept. 19, 1986, in AND CONFIDENCE BUILDING IN THE MIDDLE EAST (Alan Platt ed., 1992). relevant international arms control treaties and the accompanying security concerns. United States Institute of Peace (USIP) - Renouf Publishing The United States Institute of Peace Press is committed to publishing leading books and reports in Arms Control and Confidence Building in the Middle East. Alan Platt, editor. 1992.. Mozambique: UN Peacekeeping in Action, 1992–94. Richard. the United States Nikolai Novikov sent in September 1946, presented. Yemen | Countries | NTI As of mid-2016, territorial control of Yemen is divided, with the country split into areas In 2014, the Yemeni Ministry of Legal Affairs published a law titled “On the Syria Crisis," Bloomberg View, 15 September 2013, www.bloombergview.com. [18] Platt, Alan, Arms Control and Confidence Building in the Middle East,  China Missile Chronology - Nuclear Threat Initiative

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