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Schlesinger: The Imperial Historian

Note: The Imperial Presidency was published in 1973, not long before President Nixon resigned As Schlesinger sees it, there is bound to be some jockeying for power under the US Students of American history should enjoy this book.

The age of Schlesinger | Opinion | The Guardian 18 Oct 2007 Sidney Blumenthal: The real history of American liberalism is revealed in he used his knowledge to explain in The Imperial Presidency the  Schlesinger: The Imperial Historian: Richard Aldous ... - H-Diplo Essay 161 on Schlesinger: The Imperial Historian - H-Net

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10 Mar 2011 All historians are prisoners of their own experience and servitors to their renewing the analysis of his 1973 study, “The Imperial Presidency. Timeline and History of the Imperial Presidency - ThoughtCo

Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. - National Book Foundation Historian Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., was Albert Schweitzer Professor of the Humanities at the City cover of The Imperial Presidency by Arthur M Schlesinger Jr. The Imperial Presidency - Arthur M. Schlesinger - Google Books

Dec 14, 2017 Arthur Schlesinger Jr. was the best-known American historian of the 20th century. The irony is that he is remembered more for his forays into  A Liberal Historian's Imprint on Mid-Century America - The ... Nov 2, 2017 SCHLESINGER The Imperial Historian By Richard Aldous 486 pp. W.W. Norton & Company. $25.95. What is a “public intellectual”? A term  Nonfiction Book Review: Schlesinger: The Imperial Historian ...